How does Phototile® app work?

Phototile® is a mobile app that can create 8”x8” (re)stickable photo tiles.

Check out our video to see how Phototile® APP work!

Step 1. Download and Open Phototile APP


Step 2. Select Photos from different Media

You can select photos from your camera roll, Google Photos, Facebook, Instagram, or our handpicked stock photos.


*The printing quality of the product depends on the resolution of the photos uploaded. Please make sure the photo resolution be at least 600 x 600 pixels, or you may get blurry and grainy print results.

Step 3. Select side color

Select Black / White blocks to create perfect layouts.

Step 3. Edit Photos: Cropping and Filters

On the Review & Adjust page, you could select any photo to adjust which part to be printed. We also provide filter function only in the app (not available on the website editing).


That’s it! Just wait for our FREE & FAST shipping.

Photo tile of Phototile® is proudly made in the USA and shipping is always free.


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